Our vision, Our story, Our goal

Here at Sanctum Housing we start with the key vision that everyone deserves a place they can call home.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are either homeless, or at risk of losing their home, with many finding themselves in the terrifying position of having nowhere to turn.

With this fate facing so many, Sanctum Housing CIC was founded to provide an alternative. Instead of allowing these vulnerable people to suffer on the streets, we can offer not only a home, but also a helping hand in all areas of life with our dedicated support team.

To this end, our goal is simple: to eradicate rough sleeping by offering supported accommodation, with a holistic approach to recovery. Every individual who becomes a resident with us will be assigned a support worker to help them rebuild their life and move on from homelessness.

While we can never stop new cases of homelessness occurring, we can ensure that rough sleeping is finally ended.

Sanctum Housing provides supported accommodation for Adults Who Are Homeless and who at Risk Of Homelessness.

No Cost Option

Homelessness comes at both a human cost, and an economic cost. Not only is there the increased costs of healthcare and services to those who find themselves on the streets but funding the housing of so many vulnerable people in temporary accommodation is extraordinarily expensive for the local authorities. In the past 5 years, the costs have risen drastically with emergency housing spending in England now reaching just over £1 billion.

Here at Sanctum Housing we are able to provide a “no-cost” option for Local Authorities as currently, the cost of expensive unsuitable temporary accommodation is met by the Local Authority where the resident is located. Moving the resident to our supported permanent accommodation then transfers the cost to National Government.

As such we aim to help not only the people most affected by this crisis, but also the Local Authorities who are working hard to ensure the help reaches those most in need.




Each new resident will be enrolled onto a bespoke wrap around support solution tailored for their individual needs. Once the scope of support is identified, a dedicated support worker will be assigned to them so they can, together, identify their requirements and create the best plan for them. These may include benefit claims, appointments, food shopping, lessons on financial responsibility, finding the best help for any substance abuse, and supporting their mental health. On average, our residents can receive between 3-6 hours of support.

This is all done in order to equip our residents with the tools to be fully self-sufficient and free from dependencies. We deliver this support in both a 1-to-1 environment with the assigned support worker, and in specially selected support groups. We aim to give each tenant 3-6 hours of support per week depending on the resident’s needs.
Client Groups

Adults Who Are Homeless and who at Risk Of Homelessness

Every night across the UK, thousands of people risk their lives by sleeping on our streets. Rough sleepers are more likely to be the victims of crime, suffer violent attacks, develop physical and mental health problems, and, develop complex needs such as substance dependency. For too long, rough sleepers have been punished as they are marked as law breakers and, while anti-social behaviour must be addressed, this outlook fails to tackle to underlying issues.

The average life expectancy of a rough sleeper is just 47, 30 years below average, and, without intervention, many of these individuals, unable to get the help they need, will never be given the chance to start over. By providing a stable, permanent home, we aim to not just prevent a return to the streets, but to facilitate our residents’ personal growth and development.

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